Finger Buffet

£7.50 per head

Finger Buffet

The New Forge Finger Buffet

Freshly filled rolls

Made with soft baps with the following fillings:

Roast beef, ham, cheese and tuna mayonnaise

(Served with or without salad)

Chicken Satay

Marinated in a blend of Indonesian style spices

Potato boats

Filled with cheddar cheese and glazed under the grill


Buffet Cornish pasties made with beef and onion

Vol Au Vents

Puff pastry cases filled with cheese and onion, prawn, ham and mushroom

Mini Pies

Delicious fillings of steak and ale  and chicken and tarragon

Chicken Tikka Samosas

Deep fried spicy parcels

Mini Chocolate Éclairs

Cream filled choux pastries


£7.50  Per Head